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October 26, 2022

I was asked to speak at the Global Clinical Supplies Group conference in Dubrovnik in October, about my journey through cancer and especially the clinical trials I went through. Lots of companies from all over the world attended, and off … Read more…


November 25, 2016

I felt extremely honoured to receive a ‘Beacon of Hope’ Award from the Lymphoma Association earlier this month. After having battled Hodgkins Lymphoma for many years, I have helped numerous others battling various types of cancer. Sadly when you open … Read more…


May 10, 2015

It’s a great honour to be featured in the ITA Journal, let alone be on the front cover. During my trips to International Trombone Festivals, I’ve had so many people ask about my journey through cancer, and how it affected … Read more…


July 11, 2013

Last year I was asked if I would mind being interviewed to feature in a short film about ‘Life after Transplants’. The series of short films, ‘Living with and beyond cancer’, have just premiered this week. …cont…. The three films are below … Read more…


June 23, 2013

I’m extremely pleased to have been asked to be part of this project which joins both music (specifically the trombone) and The Christie Hospital. If you’ve not yet come across the pBone (plastic trombone) then I don’t know where you’ve been hiding! … Read more…


September 7, 2012

I began writing my Caring Bridge Journal just before my bone marrow transplant almost a year ago to simply keep people updated about my progress so that my family and closest friends wouldn’t need to be pestered during it all. … Read more…


September 21, 2011

Continuing on from my blog entry about the clinical trial drug SGN35, I mentioned that I had the very difficult decision whether to decide to go for a bone marrow transplant. The SGN35 drug got me to remission for the … Read more…

Carol hooked up to chemo

July 8, 2011

On 19th April 2011 I began another clinical trial of a new drug originally from Seattle, USA. As my cancer journey has progressed, my prognosis has unfortunately got worse and worse, as options run out. There are about 1500 cases … Read more…


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